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Thu, Oct 1st
10:00 am




The Horse Brass Pub has always supported Craft Beer, it’s Brewers, their imagination and their daring to create brave new beers and go where no brewers have gone before.  That is the legacy Don Younger left and we will always strive to honor it.  What better way to celebrate our 40th Anniversary than with special craft beers some old and some new.

 Beginning Tuesday November 1st and ending Sunday November 6th we will be pouring (in no particular order)

Rogue Brewing, Newport, OR Horse Brass Anniversary Ale

Russian River Brewing, Santa Rosa, CA, (Don The Youngerback by popular demand)

Staff Collaborations (to make their own beers) with:

BaerlicBrewing.Portland, OR

Culmination, Portland, OR

Migration, Portland, OR

Rosenstadt, Portland, OR

Solera Brewing, Parkdale, OR

Sierra Nevada (Beer Camp), Chico, CA

Crux Fermentation Project, Portland, OR

Ecliptic, Portland, OR

Flat Tail Brewing, Corvalis, OR

Everybody’s Brewing, Hood River, OR

Melvin Brewing, Alpine, WY, 2X4 Imperial IPA

Pilsner Urquell, Czech Republic, Unfiltered Pilsner

Six Point Brewing, Brooklyn NY, TBD

Two Kilts Brewing, Sherwood, OR, Mosaic Me Crazy Double IPA

From Our Cellar:

10 Barrel Brewing (before they went to the dark side) Bend, OR American Stout & Barrel Aged Wheat Wine

Alaskan Brewing, Juneau, AK, Smoked Porter 2013. 2014

Bear Republic Brewing. Healdsburg, Ca Cuvee De Bubba

Bell’s Brewing, Kalamazoo, Mi, Third Coast Ale

Boneyard Brewing, Bend, OR. SugeKnight

Deschutes Brewing, Bend, OR (Sunday Vertical Abyss 2009 thru 2015)

BrouwersVerzet Brewing, Belgium 2013 Old Bruin

Double Mountain Brewing, Hood River, Or, 2013 Black PerleImperial Stout

Fat Heads Brewery, Portland, OR Hop JuJu Imperial IPA

Gigantic Brewing, Portland, OR Gin Barrel Aged IPA

Holy Mountain Brewing, Seattle, WA, 2015 Bourbon Barrel King’s Head

Lagunitas Brewing, Petaluma, Ca. Doppel Sticky Double Alt Ale

Midnight Sun, Anchorage, AK. Beserker Imperial Stout

Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene Or. Ground Control Imperial Stout, N10 Imperial Blended Ale

Pelican Brewing, Pacific City, OR, Mother of All Storms

Sierra Nevada Brewing, Chico, CA Bigfoot Barley Wine

Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA, WOOtStout

Widmer Brewing, Portland, OR 2015 Brrrrbon Stout

Widmer Brewing/Cigar City 2012 Old Fashioned Ale

 And that is just to name a few.